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Smart technology

We love innovation, technology and training

Smart offer a truly flexible solution to meet your needs, systems and processes. Our teams will happily be trained to work from client bespoke systems where required, no question.

We can also offer a full web enabled compliance system offering 360 degree visibility of all activities - Welcome to Elogbooks

This is a unique system that gives you real time access to management information, which improves compliance and saves time.

As standard, Smart offer cloud based PPM planners, helpdesk, document control, audits logbook systems, quoting and other contract compliance information.

All of our Smart engineers carry mobile devices loaded with the Elogbook App, which enables Smart to provide real time reporting on all activities.

The system is configured to allow as many users as required, with no hidden charges. This means multiple facilities team members can access relevant compliance or CAFM information, without those pesky licence fees that you can be charged by our competitors.

That’s right, there are no hidden charges. We do not even consider it to be innovation, it’s just the Smart standard way of working.

Ok, let’s innovate

While our competitors are sleeping, we are searching the globe for the latest technologies

Smart Water

A new approach to managing closed water systems which helps maintain chemical levels, detects leaks and provides real time monitoring of key system parameters. Smart Water is a proven system which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and the corrosion of closed water systems thus reducing running costs and risk.

The package can be deployed within two weeks and achieve paybacks of less than one year.


A low cost intelligent building analytics platform which can greatly reduce reactive calls, maintenance costs and improve energy performance.

Air Pro

An air quality monitoring system that will enable building managers to take active steps to maintain good indoor air quality. These steps include closing down ventilation systems or informing tenants to close the windows.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) from ReviCAD is the most accurate means of modelling and managing all aspects of your project, from design to construction and beyond. With BIM management, you can map out a virtual building prior to the physical construction, fully to scale and spatially accurate.

We are here to assist you every step of the way in compliance with PAS 1192-2 processes on your project.


Bubll is an innovative software package which is app based and can be deployed to end users (Tenants) throughout the building. The package can be configured to display building operating parameters, allow user control of their space (if enabled) and helpdesk functionality. Bubll can also be used to monitor all building meters for billing purposes thus removing the need for manual readings. The system will allow engineers to monitor, control and undertake diagnostics for multiple properties whist away from site avoiding the need to attend site.

Finally, the package can also be set up to contain important building information such as FM contact details, fire instructions, first aiders and other key information.


The BREEAM assessment process evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development against targets that are based on performance benchmarks. Assessments are carried out by independent, licensed assessors, and developments rated and certified on a scale of Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.


It benefits investors, owners, landlords, facilities managers and occupiers by:

  • Reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency
  • Enhancing asset value and increasing market demand
  • Helping to attract tenants and occupiers
  • Improving the wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction of people working in the building
  • Helping bridge the 'performance gap' between modelled outputs and operational outputs
  • Providing independent third party certification of a building’s sustainability
  • Contributing to corporate social responsibility, business reporting and sustainable business leadership

Smart believe passionately in providing our customers with innovating and cost saving options as standard practice. To this end, we are constantly seeking ways that we can work collaboratively with our customers to improve the function, operation and sustainability of their operations.

Smart will commit to working closely in Partnership to manage the BREEAM accreditation of a facility with the goal to achieving the best rating possible within a defined and agreed timeframe.

Smart will be able to provide strong support and guidance within the energy, innovation, pollution and water categories of the assessment.

Smart Managed Solutions is a trading name of HR Facilities Ltd

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